Vote for Howdy!


All right, blood brothers and sisters, we have a fight on our hands and we NEED YOU!!!!!

There's a King of All Monsters Tournament going on over at and our very own Captain Howdy is currently kicking the shit out of Kolchak, but we won't be satisfied by just a normal beating. No, we want Kolchak dead so head on over there, sign up and VOTE FOR HOWDY!!!!

After this round we'll be up against more unworthy opponents, so keep going back to vote for the dear captain and FANGORIA COMICS!!!!

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Dee is selling his 1969 Mustang!

Dee Snider's 1969 Boss 302 Mustang - VIN #9F02G196961 

Dee Snider has owned this car for over 25 years. It was originally discovered by Dee's brother Frank as a basket case in 1979, missing the original Boss motor. Dee spent the next five years, collecting original replacement parts for the cars eventual restoration. When he struck oil in 1984 he finally had the resources to get his "baby" (Dee has the pistons of his Boss lovingly tattooed on his arm.) properly restored. 

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Dee, Where Ya Been?

How many times has I Wanna Rock passed thru here?

If you haven't heard, Dee's voice has been out of commission for the past two months. He had surgery to remove a non-cancerous vocal cord polyp. Dee will be back in action very soon!

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